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As the world seeks to go greener to combat CO2 so home heating is gradually changing too. Let us help you get ready for Hydrogen Blending in 2025.  

Here at Kevin O’Brien Gas Services our friendly team are available to advise you on the best boiler to suit your lifestyle, household and budget.
It is important to service your boiler on an annual basis, not only will this help to keep the boiler and central heating system in perfect working order…
If you are a landlord, you are required by law to ensure all gas appliances supplied in your rental property are Gas Safety Checked annually.
Experiencing a problem with your boiler shouldn’t be a nightmare, and thankfully our experienced Gas Safe registered boiler specialists can diagnose, repair and service…
An unvented hot water cylinder is fed directly from the cold mains water feed which eliminates the need for a cold water tank in the loft. Because it relies on mains pressure

We are able to maintain your heating system whether it be a simple radiator valve being faulty through to changing your pump and motorised valves.

If sludge and debris is not removed from heating systems, it can accumulate in radiators, pipework and heat exchangers, causing severe blockages.